10 Reasons to Visit Nepal

1. Mt. Everest


Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world which is situated in Nepal. Lots of people from the world come to Nepal because of Everest.  Everest base camp trek is the stunning trek in the world. This is the reason why people flock all over the world. They want to make a lifetime attempt at the Everest base camp. At the elevation of 5,364m above sea level which is nearly 18,000ft from this place, you can experience the highest Himalayan massif. In the same way, if you do multiple treks then it will worth your effort. 
During the trek at an altitude of 3,962m above the sea from Everest view hotel, you can witness the massif Everest through its window. We will be hiking to the Everest view hotel to enjoy our journey to the Everest and its elegance splendor. The hiking to this destination takes about 3 to 4 hours and it is also grandeur in nature. 

Taking hiking through the destination of Dudh Koshi and Imja River valley then we arrive at Tengboche, a spiritual place for peace. From the history or past, this place is always associated with a spiritual hub in the Khumbu region of the country. There is the biggest monastery called Tengboche Monastery which is also the biggest monastery. It will lead you to the splendid sight of Everest and Ama Dablam. 


2. Exquisite culture of Kathmandu


The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the most fascinating city in Nepal with a variety of religions, castes groups, and religions staying in a single hut. It looks chaos of the sound, action, smells and will help you to introduce to the most glorious and unique side of Nepal. Visiting the most antique places like durbar square, where kings of this durbar were crowned and legitimized. This is seen as surrounded by the courtyards and many more temples.

Some of the most important places that you should not miss while traveling to Kathmandu. Such as Boudhanath stupa, Swyambhunath, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and so on. These are the places that are already enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site. Visiting those antique places will take you to the past centuries and you will get a chance to experience the bold beauty of this place. 


3. Affordable Cost


Talking about the cost and rates of traveling to Nepal. As you wish and your capacity, you can explore Nepal at fewer prices. The rates of the accommodation sector i.e Hotel rooms less than 20$ and higher according to the service and their respective priorities. The food service per day costs at least 10$ and a budget of experiences during activities. Nepal is also one of the cheapest destinations in the world. It is pretty easy that you can only spend under 30$ each day in Nepal. 


4. Respect the Culture and tradition of the place


Nepal is dominated by the Hindu religion. You may also see most of the people of the region are following a Hindu religion comparing more than others. As is influenced by a Buddhists religion many stupas are seen around. There is also some minimum population of Islam, Kiratism, and Christianity in the various region of a country. You will get the top to learn the respect of people to each and every culture and living in the community harmoniously. You even learn the various traditional customs and an enlightening experience that shows the unique feature to visit this region of a country. 


5. Architectural handicrafts and artworks for souvenir


Nepal has been always popular for the wonderful handicrafts and beautiful souvenier that are shown mostly to tourists. The level of sense, patient, intelligence put be withing the artists to discover such art and architecture. This is really appreciated by the various tourists coming to Nepal. Different types of painting such as pottery works, Mandala Painting painting, craftmanship including other cultural cum architectural intelligence are the most attractive features of Nepalese artists. 


6. Witness Rhino and Tiger


Most of the people around the world come to Nepal for Exploring wildlife reserves and see the animals. Nepal itself home to thousands of rare birds and animals. Nepal is already in the list of a diverse population of wild birds of species, head to Chitwan and Bardia National park for a jungle safari, and if that’s not a hardcore enough, Rhino, Eleclusive Bengal Tiger and deers. There are also a few countries in the world who are conserving the habitat of leopard. Nepal also comes in the lists of conserving snow leipard=, spotted leopard. The country one and only in the world who are conserving the one horn rhino. People are very impressed to know about them. Most of the national parks in Nepal are enlisted in a world heritage site. 


7. Learn the Culture of Kathmandu


The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu which is also known as a cultural hub. Kathmandu is not only a place it is a history of the world. The thousands of temple in a single city. It is also said that Temples are more than houses and goddesses are more than people in Kathmandu. This place also the chaos of sounds,  action, and smells that helps to introduce in Nepal. In a single city, there are many world heritage sites. Some of them are as mentioned Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Swyambhunath. Boudhnath and other various sites. This site are enlisted by UNESCO. These of the durbar are made during This century. It is elder than in some countries in the world. 


8. Admire the beauty of Boudhnath Stupa


Boudhnath Stupa of the Largest stupa that shrine with a dome shape, this is also the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside the region of Tibet is Boudhanath. This is the sacred place for the Buddhists around d the world. Most of the travelers from China visit Nepal to visit this place. In the same way, Indian and SriLankan people alos visits this region. Boudhanath stupa is also enlisted in the Unesco World Heritage site. Due to this reason, the value of this stupa is getting higher and higher. Each and every building that is made here the paths of enlightenment. Buddha is taken as the symbol of peace, the element of earth, fire, water. This place is specially designed fo the Buddhist religion people but any other religion is no restriction to travel this destination. You can visit and explore the people and their experience in  Life. 

9. Beautiful Lakes

Nepal is a beautiful Heaven to get the reason for happiness. There are almost about 200 lakes in-country including the glacier origin. Leading towards the massive Himalayas we can see variety of lakes during the trek in the various region of a country. The lakes gives a most stunning vividly of blue colour in the the natural areas of a country. And we have not discovered many lakes in the upper region where the Himalayas exist. In Nepal lakes that also range from instantly gratifying, it also can be seen close to the town and some of the other lakes need couple of days to be there. 

Some of the stunning lakes of the country are Rara lake, Begnas lake, Tilicho lake, Gokyo lake and so on. Gokyo lake is the stunning lake that is located in the Everest region of a country. This is also known for the world’s highest freshwater make system in this region. Most of the lakes in the various regions carry religious importance in Nepal. The elegance and beauty of the lakes in Nepal show the value and elegance of lakes in Nepal. Gosainkunda Lake is the most beautiful and religious lake in the Langtang region of a country. 


10. Annapurna Circuit Hike


Annapurna circuit trek is also an amazing trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Hiking to the various circuit of Annapurna starts from the Pokhara the beautiful city of our country. Trekking to the circuit of Annapurna is delightful for the trekkers around the world. Annapurna circuit trek is not that much difficult which you are excepting of. The thing is you need to have a regular light exercise. It will definitely help you to trek easily in the Annapurna region of a country. It also covers around 160 to 230 km that lies at the elevation of 5,416m above sea level. In the destination of Throng La Pass that touches the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Because of the gradual gradient, we need to travel as anticlockwise. The beautiful landscapes of this region definitely help tourists to get a lifetime experience in life. Including the Himalayas massif, you will be breathing taking at the same time. Annapurna circuit trek is admired by thousands of trekkers every year. The accommodation and food are also the best in the region. The local people try to fulfill the expectations of trekkers every time. When you are in Nepal then you must visit the Annapurna region of a country as soon as possible.