A complete guide to trek to Annapurna base camp

Some of the facts that are necessary to know before going to the Annapurna base camp trek.


- The amazing trek will lead you to the base camp of Annapurna south.
- This is the trek where we get a chance to witness the panoramic views of Mt. Annapurna(8,091m). Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world. 
- The trek also presents breathtaking views of Mt. Machhapuchhre, Annapurna III (7,555 m), Gangapurna (7,454 m), Singu Chuli (6,501 m), Annapurna South (7,219 m) and Hiunchuli (6,441 m).
- You can enjoy the teahouse trekking as the entire region is inhabited by the people.
- You can also extend your trip to  Ghorepani- Poon Hill or Ghandrunk or both as these trails coincide at Chhomrong and further lead to the base camp.
- During the peak season, the trail gets immensely crowded which, is not a good fit for trekkers seeking solitude.
- The entire region is rich in tradition and culture which gives you the opportunity to experience them.

Annapurna is the best destination in Nepal for tourism. It is located in the north-central part of a country. Not only this is the stunning destination that lies inside the largest conservation area that is the Annapurna Conservation area. This trek to the Annapurna will help you to witness the most cinematic beauty of nature. The beauty of Himalayas, green lush jungles, a variety of plants and herbs. Some of the Himalayans massifs that are located in the Annapurna area are, world 10th highest mountain Annapurna at an altitude of 8,091m above sea level. It is located in the north of Pokhara, east of Ghorepani and poon hill and west of Mardi Himal. The trekking in the base camp of Annapurna is the most reputed trek with the highest number of crowds. 

Annapurna base camp trek is comparatively easier than the other region of the country like Everest base camp trek. The trekking trail includes small villages, High cascading waterfalls, diverse terrain, dense forests of Rhododendrons, Lush green jungles and stunning views of snow-capped mountains. You will also get a chance to see the mountains like  Mt. Maccvhapucchre(8,993m), Mt. Dhaulagiri(8,167), Mt. Annapurna range(8,091) and Mt. Hiunchuli. These Himalayas will give you every second a breathtaking moment that you cannot forget in life. 

Required Permit for Trek

Annapurna trekking consists of two trekking permit that is necessary hile trekking. Firsts one permit that needs during the trek is the ‘ Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS). The costs of the permit are NRS. 2000 which is around USD 20$. The second trekking permit which is needed for the Annapurna trek is the ‘Annapurna Conservation Area Project’(ACAP). The cost of the permit fro the SAARC nations is Nrs. 200 which is around USD 2. The costs of the permit for the other people are Nrs. which is around USD 20$. 

Food facilities in the trek

You should not forget that you are going to trek in the extreme region and definitely there will be a limit in the food menu. But people in this region try to fill the expectations of the travelers as much as they can. There will be also a good variety of food serving places completely different than other food. The method of meal serving in such a region in the form of a teahouse menu. You expectation such as Chapati, French Toast, Pancakes, bread, egg, oatmeal, milk in breakfast, Coffee, butter tea and so on can be found in this region of a country. The most amazing food as a traditional food of a country that is Dal Bhaat, veg non- veg (curry), Thukpa, Momo, Dhindo, noodles, etc. This is the food which can get on the trek as our Lunch and dinner. 

You can also get a chance to buy a water bottle in the various area of a trek from the beginning time to the last end of the trek. You are always requested to carry a reusable water bottle because this will be good for you. If you are also using a plastic water bottle then we request you not to throw wherever you like. This is also our responsibility to conserve nature and the globe. The bottle needs to e have with yourself and Steripen. tHIS will definitely flow a positive message with all people. Steripen is the bottle which is handheld and also protects UV water purifier. Nepal also has different water provin]ding company and every company does not provide mineral water and also not use the same technology as SteriPen. 

Always remember as the level of altitude increases the price of the food and water aslo increases in the same way. There are no proper means of transport in this region. 

Some important tips that you should know before this trek

- Set aside about $150 to pay for transportation and entry fees for monasteries and museums.
- Do not believe all the locals. Bad people can be anywhere. Let’s say, if you ask how far is place A, they may say you have reached place A to get you to stay in their tea house. Not all people are like   that.  Most are friendly and helpful.
- It is rude to click people without their knowledge. Ask them first, if it is okay to take their pictures.
- Carry enough cash with you during the There are no ATMs in ABC trail.
- Public display of affection is not welcomed and wearing revealing dresses will earn you unwanted criticism.
- Add some contingency days as you might need one more day for acclimatizing. Or, you may like to explore one more place.
- You can rent the expensive gears instead of buying them if they will not be of use in the future.
- Take proper precautions against AMS/altitude sickness.
- If you order Nepali meal set or Dal Bhat Tarkari, you can take seconds and thirds for free, except for meat. Eat as much as you like.
- Foods might take a little longer to cook. Order earlier.


Difficulty level and Fitness level during the trek


As it is already mentioned above the Annapurna base camp trek is the easiest trek in Nepal. The possibilities of altitude sickness in the high altitude of this region are very low compared to another region of a Country. In the same way, you need to trek for almost 6 to 7 hours a day that requires strong willpower and good health. If you are also having a prior hiking or trekking experience which will definitely help a lot during such activities. However, you are not mentioned to have a strong exercise form trekking to the Annapurna base camp. The main problem that you can face only at the time of high altitude sickness. We should seriously take such an incident and acclimatize as soon as possible. In the same way, you can even face bad weather conditions that also sometimes endure a bit of difficulty during the time of trekking activities. 

Best season for Annapurna Base camp Trek

There is some season mostly favorable for trekking in these reasons are Spring and Autumn. Spring season consists of the month like (March to May)  and the Autumn season consists of (September to Mid-December). These are the bests seasons to go on the Base camp of Annapurna. This season is the most supportive season while trekking in various places in terms of visibility, trail and weather conditions. 

In the season of Moonsoon, we have to face a lot of Moonsoon rainfall which will, unfortunately, make the trail slippery. The beautiful cinematic views of the mountain also get blocked by the clouds. In the same way, the season of winter looks cold, harsher with the heavy snow falling. 

About  Polices that covers Travel insurance

The insurance that you have must clear all the formalities like extra expenses that will directly come into account, Due to various reasons such as health issues or accident injuries and so on. It will have included different issues like the cost of an ambulance, medicational charges, helicopter rescue, and hospital charges. On the other hand, your complete travel insurance should also include any kind of cancellation and property loss. 

About seasons

There are many seasons in which we explore the Annapurna region of a country. Including the Autumn season is also taken as one of the favorable seasons in Annapurna trekking. In this session, it tries to offers a moderate temperature of a surroundings nature, and clear blue sky in the morning afternoon as it is. This is the best season as the people started to be crowded due to the less cost and good package standard in services and hospitality. As it is overcrowded but you will get a full chance to enjoy your trip without and harsh and rush. 


As you love to travel in the silent and quieter time than you can move to his destination in the month of December.  In the same way, the region of a country is quite good in winter as well. Clear sky and dry air with the most attractive visibility during the winter season. As you can play with snow and cold weather makes the environment cool and awesome as always.