Everest Base Camp Trek in October

If you really want to challenge yourself in life through the help of adventurous activities then Everest base camp trek in October is best option for you. The world’s highest peak is 8,848m above sea level. Exploration of Everest in October is taken as the best season. There may arise a question which is the best season for trekking in Nepal in the Everest region of the country. Because of the stable weather conditions, lush forests, clear mountain views, and stunning landscapes of the ecology of this region under a blue sky al, the trekkers from different parts of the world aspire to witness the Everest in this season. 


Nepal has the 8 tallest mountain regarding them Mount Everest is the world’s Top mountain that helps to attract international tourism. 


Trek Highlights on October 


-Your sightseeing starts in Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal.
-You may get the chance to experience the Cultural celebrations of Nepal during October.
-Experience an adventurous flight to Lukla airport.
-Visit Popular Buddhists Monastery Pangboche and Tengboche monastery 
-Witness the entire view of Mount Everest and a panoramic view of other Himalayas. 
-Have a trek thought the World Heritage Site enlisted in UNESCO i.e Sagarmatha National park? 
-Visit the roof of the world Which is also denoted by a footstep of  Mount Everest.
-Immense of beautiful culture with a smiling face of red-cheeked sherpas. 


Why Everest Base Camp Trek in October?


October is the month of festivals in the context of Nepal. As we are very much rich in traditions and culture that is shown to the world and marketed as a tourism product. The festivals are more than days in a year and temps are more than houses in Nepal. Our system of living, mind policy is much down earth towards the religion and its ethics. Dashain and Tihar are taken as the most celebrated festivals in Nepal and this is the biggest festival of Nepalese especially those who belong to the Hindu religion. These are the festivals that fall in the month of October which helps make the overall city, village areas full of happiness and celebrations.


We Nepalese always believe in togetherness, delights, and happiness in the time of such festivals celebration. Traveling from different parts of the world they put themselves stand in-home at the time of festivals. This is the pure Nepalese form that creates a homely environment including joy in them.


This could be the amazing experience being a part of one of the biggest festivals in the month of October in Nepal. This will be your different memory as a lifetime experience which always makes a little happiness in life. The wonderful feelings of Receiving a red Tika and Jamara which is also called red vermillion, rice with the mixture of Yogurt,  on foreheads form the old aged people in the Everest region of the country with lots of blessings. 

Trekking in the time of this season the glory of Nepalese culture, festivals that embrace nature will create a new experience in life. There is also the tallest mountain deepest gorge in this small topography of the country. You can get new and different experiences by seeing the glory of  Festivals and cultures. We recommend you not to miss any happiness and joy of the mountain along with the adventure on large swings. 


 As October is a suitable month for the travel activities including Everest base camp trek and another trek such as  Everest panorama, Everest three passes in this region of the country. 


Moderate climate


Every time we are selling a tourism product in the month of October more than other months in a year. This is the time tourist could get the experience of chilling cold with the snow-covered mountain at the time of the Winter world. In the time of summer, you can get the experience of the summertime with the warm sun rays. 

In the trekking trails, there may also a chance of rainfall on the way to trekking destinations you don’t even need to be afraid of the trails which are almost slippery. It is sure that you will face the pron]blem of slippery trails due to the monsoon season. The bright days which are like sunny days will able to make the way visible and easy to trek. You can use your light clothes at this time. This will make your trekking time far more pleasurable than ever. 

You also don’t need to rush early in the morning or the evenings which is also referred to as the great climatic condition. You can have more than expected things and tourism activities in the Himalayan region of the country. It also includes the beautiful and eye-catching views of glorious landscapes. 

You can witness the scenery and catch all the momentum of your breath with the help of the cinematic mountain view that has been dominated by the craggy mountain hills and Everest. 

This kind of peaceful environment will really help to decrease the stress level and will help to take you back yo the natural environment. I can make a bet on you that each and everything that you have seen with your eye photographs that also leaves the imprint of our soul and mind. 

 The beauty and hospitality of the local community people in the Namche bazar will create a different attachment within you. The Buddhists monasteries and Sherpa people settlements along in the route that helps to allure you. The greenery place with various grasslands and herds of the cattle-like Mutes, Himalayan Goats, Yaks and so on are lovely in nature.


Trek to October Tips


Starting at Early

You will get more time and a chance to spend your time with the natural environment of the place. This place can be reached in the destinations for the early time. In the evening time, you can also get a chance to view the sunset.


In this time of October month, the weather condition looks stable and comfortable. The weather in this month is stable. Yet, bad weather can hit any time of the month in the Himalayas. Thus, starting early is the best thing to do. 


Always arrange experience guide


Trekking to the world’s highest mountain is not that easy what we expect is lack.. Especially you also may not be familiar with such types of trekking destinations. It is also really necessary to hire an experienced guide. If the guide looks expert and experience 

Take a comfortable backpack.

Trekking becomes the most glorious thing and it helps to be more pleasurable to witness the beauty of a place. Trekking will be most exciting when you have more comfortable backpacking on your trek. A comfortable backpack includes your dressing sense weight carry on back or shoes. That thing you need to you can arrange for a backpack before going to the most stunning place on Earth. 
Teahouse booking Earlier.

October is always a peak season where most of the tourists visit Nepal day by day. So most of the hotels, teahouse, a lodge that is also occupied in the season of October. The system of pre-booking helps someone really go for traveling in aright time and righ condition. 

Vegatitaiobn is Diverse 

The vegetation of the trekking inside the region of Everest is situated in the Sagarmatha National park which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Sagarmatha National park is taken as the home to the tallest mountain in the world with a variety of nature birds and wild animals and its vegetation. While you started trekking in this region of a country you will bump on the lush jungles along with the park. You can get an opportunity to see the wonderful Rhododendrons village and for]ests that completely spreads the colorful smiles of people around.

This national park in the Sagarmatha region we have been celebrating the diversity and existence of flora and fauna. Inside the park, you can experience the rhododendron forests oak forests. The connection with the ecosystem of a place and sherpa culture which is the major part park. 

In the lower altitude of the region, we can see farmers growing Millet, Paddy and grown for running their lives every day. You can even see the Grazing lands at the place where there are footsteps and hills.


Packaging list for EBC trek in October

-Light Sleeping Bag
-Trekking trousers
-Trekking boots (waterproof)
-Trekking boots (waterproof)
-Jackets (Down and fleece)
-Trekking shirts
-Trekking socks
-Trekking Map
-Water purifiers
-Water bottles
-Trekking Poles
-Portable Altitude Chamber and Oxygen
-First aid medical kit
-Trek duffle bag
-Solar Torch

This is how October is the most favorable time for the trekking activities in the Everest region of the country. This time could really help you to experience the culture, religion and most fascinating festivals of the country.  This region has most of the flow of tourists during the October season. They also spend more days in Nepal during this time because the environment is very lean and awesome. You will not even miss a single natural environment of flora and fauna during a trek in this trek. Some of them are Sagarmatha National park where wild birds and animals.