Top 5 Base Camps Treks in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek is probably one of the most popular treks that can be done in Nepal. The trekking to the base camp of Everest has beauties and charm that is sure to find out it overwhelming during trekking activities in Nepal. Every year thousands and thousands of trekkers from the different parts of the world to trek in the Everest base camp. 
To trek in this region through the different trail to explore in the Everest most of the tourists ultimately leads to the base camp of Everest. The route of this region always mazes the trekkers with an adventure level of happiness during the trek.  During the time of trekking in the Everest region of a country One of the most delicate areas in Nepal to trek is the Everest region, In addition, you will also get to explore the tradition, culture of the Sherpa people with a charm on their face. In cluding this you can even see the massive Himalayas form this place like Amadablam, Kala Patthar, Everest, etc and so on. The mountain Kalapatthar lies in the elevation of 5,545m above sea level and you can even watch the unbelievable panoramic views of massive high peaks. 
As we are well known about Everest as the world’s highest peak in the world. The altitude of Everest 8,848m above sea level. In the same way, the height of the Everest base camp in the Khumbu region is almost 5,364m above sea level. This is the most favorable trekking destination in Whole Nepal. Trekking to the Everest region of Nepal, itself a dream for the thousands of trekkers around the world. It’s a fact that you cannot find a destination like Everest in any other part of the World. 

2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base camp trek is also a popular trekking destination mostly tourists visit in Nepal. This trekking destination is listed in the Grade B or temporary laborious trekking trail in Nepal. This destination trek can be completed any kind of fit person easily. There is no categorical question and previous experiences needed for the trekking activities in the Annapurna region. one of the most important that is needed is mental preparation for the trek. This trekking is also a shorter trek other than in the various region of a country. This is the most essential time to make a daring commitment with your self what was really expected of you. In the same way, this trek also incorporates culture, diverse terrain, and wildlife in the Annapurna region. Along with this, you can even see the Macchhapuchre, Hinchuli, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna ranges from this destination. 
As you will be walking through the protected area’s trail this path is also known as the Annapurna Sanctuary trek in the Annapurna Base camp trek. This trek is also considered to be an ecclesiastical journey within a journey venturesome one. This is the place considered as one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in the globe that only protects the flora and fauna. This is the species at the landform but also it is categorized into the local ethnic culture and its natural environment. Throughout this wonderful trip, you will be enjoying and can be encountered by the local ethnic Magar and Gurung cultures at the villages and settlements in this region. At the elevation of s 4,000m  the sanctuary is seen as an oval-shaped plateau which can be seen as surrounded by the wonderful ring of Annapurna massif of Himalayas. In the almost unique terrain of the Himalayas trekking through the flourishing trail tye ecosystem that consists of lush woodlands which can be blended with drier terrain. as you move forward and leading towards the destination you will meet the unsophisticated path which is adorned with a variety of rhododendron jungles canopies. When you came across the villages of Thakali local people you will be amazed by their respect and hospitality in the Annapurna region. In the same way, you will be encountered by the gumbos and chores, the trek route is a tranquil journey of an extra toxic culture and traditions that will help you to go to the past time in the history of this region.  

3. Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

Mardi Himal trek is also a wonderful trek nowadays in Nepal. This trek has recently flourished in Nepal with the aim of marketing the amazing adventure trekking experiences with the world. Mardi Himal is not that much far but you can trek this destination with 5 days. This Himal is located in the Annapurna region of a country. This trek to the region starts from the beautiful city of Pokhara in the 200km  west direction of Capital city Kathmandu.during the time of trekking activities you can experience the picturesque and overwhelming happiness to witness the Himalayan peaks. This region also soaked with a snowcapped mountain, green lush hills and walking in the most pristine jungle of mesmerizing rhododendron and oak in Mardi Trek. 
In this trek, you will be waking through the high ridge and at the same time, you can also see some constant view of Annapurna Himalaya massif and other ranges and at the west of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu mountain at the east direction, Mt Macchhapucchre or Fishtail at the direction of east. Mardi Himal in the Annapurna lap located in the Mt Macchhapucchre that is also called a forbidden Himalayas and unclimbed cliff so far. This is also one of the most glorious short trek comparing with the various trekking zone in Nepal. This trek will lead the trekkers to the elevation of 4,500m above sea level. In the same, you will not even feel anything like you will be reaching at the highest point when you check your time or days. This type of trek leads you entirely to the lush green forests on the way that also provides you an amazing experience as n a nature walk therapy. At the same time, the Himalayan peaks will amaze you in an entire trek to Mardi Himal trek. In terms of the crowd this trekking destination a bit peace and fewer tourists comparing to the Everest and Annapurna Base camp trek. 

4. Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek

 Ama Dablam is the mountain that lies in the SouLukhumbu District in Nepal. This is a fascinating destination with the most gorgeous mountain in the Khumbu region. Ama Dablam baser camp trek will be offering a wonderful scene of A Everest the world’s highest peak and undoubtedly you can see the scenery of base camp in the same destination. The pristine lake that can be seen in the base camp including Himalayans massif peaks are simply the best destination to be explored by tourists. Through the destination of Stunning peaks in the base camp of Amadablam that lies in the route of Everest base camp trek. It is not as many as trekkers who had also known and can be visited as they get the trail to the region. Ama Dablam is also related to the history and culture of the local residents of this Khumbu region of a country. 
As we are moving to this destination, we have to take a flight from the Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport. We will be flying over the 2827m and can be witnessed a spectacular mountain views at the rime of trekking to the Ama Dablam Base camp trek in this region. At the same time will be landing at the airport of Lukla for further tre in this Ama Dablam region. In the same way, we will be hiking through the Dudh Koshi valley to the settlement of Sherpa of Namache Bazaar at the elevation of 3440m. You will be going through the various local settlement and local Tibetian culture makes your trek more exciting at the same time. In the trek, you can see the various mOnastery of Buddhist and Tibetian followers that will shoe=ws us a spiritual way of living life. 

5. Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek

Dhaulagiri is a Mountain that takes you to the southern base camp of Mt Dhaulagiri Trek. This is located at the altitude or an elevation of 8,000m Himalayas in Nepal. As it is listed in the world’s highest mountain in the world. The trekking to the base camp of Dhaulagiri is also known as the Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek. This trek is also one of the most peaceful trekking to the base camp treks in a country. Nepal as a land of the massive mountain that helps us to be more popular in the world. At the same time we are lack in promote of such massive Himalayas so that people are unaware of their trek in such a region. You will feel be in then heaven after trekking to such destination of Nepal. It will be life awaited moment that you will experience from this trekking in Nepal.
The wilderness of mountain peak is the best thing to reach a higher elevation during tek. As there are some tea houses where you are going to stay if not then you have to camp in some parts of the destination at this trekk to Dhaulagiri. The experience of local food makes you happier and comfortable attached to people in this region. This is all up to you how you will do such a wonderful trek, as you should be mentally prepared at any cost for trekking. This makes you mare co fordable and adventure full trek in life as your life experiences.