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Ganesh Himal Trek

Ganesh Himal Trek takes you deep into the pristine section of Eastern Nepal to witness the glory of magnificent valleys in the backdrop of beautiful Himalayas.
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Trip Introduction

Tour Duration 15 Days Group Size
Grade moderate Max Altitude
Starting Point Kathmandu Ending Point Kathmandu


Ganesh Himal Trek takes you deep into the pristine section of Eastern Nepal to witness the glory of magnificent valleys in the backdrop of beautiful Himalayas. The trek is an opportunity to traverse through some lush hills, untouched coniferous forests and breathtaking meadows with traditional local villages inhabited by people from different ethnic groups. The trail full of lush rhododendron forests takes you through some secluded regions of Nepal to admire the glory of Ganesh Himal. The name – Ganesh comes after a popular elephant-headed Hindu deity – Lord Ganesh, the deity of good fortune. The great Ganesh Himal includes four peaks namely Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, Ganesh IV. These four peaks stand tall forming the great Himalayan chain in the skyline. 


Rich Biodiversity of Ganesh Himal periphery region


This Trek exhibits the rich biodiversity and cultural diversity prevalent in Eastern Nepal. The trekking route is an opportunity to explore varieties of floras, faunas, birds, and butterflies. The lush dense tropical, sub-tropical and coniferous forests with alpine meadows are home to thousands of species of floras and faunas. The region shelters around 526 species of plants and 300 species of birds and animals. 40 different varieties of orchids are found in this region itself. During spring, the whole environment gets lively with wonderful views of flower blossom. The colorful orchids, rhododendron, barberries, premolars, etc. on the trees look very appealing. Moreover, the classic aroma of flowers, serene environment and tantalizing views of mountains, This Trek is a real classic.


The cultural richness of Ganesh Himal Trek


The charming Tamang villages and interesting traditional people adds to the vibrancy of Ganesh Himal Trek. Ganesh Himal lies to the west of Langtang and east of Manaslu, the natural and cultural diversity of the region resembles that of the region. Like the Langtang region, this region is also mostly inhabited by the people of the Tamang community. The people of this community and are very hardworking, helpful and cheerful. They are mainly engaged in agriculture for livelihood. But at the same time, they are very creative and are professional when it comes to wooden works, wood crafts, etc. As you walk pass the villages, you can notice people weaving a bamboo basket, hays carpet, etc. These people have their own unique culture, custom, festival, and lifestyle. A short interaction with these local folks is really worth it. 


Eye on Himalaya Treks and Expedition P. Ltd conduct Ganesh Himal Trek on a timely basis. This trek is an off beaten trek that receives very less number of enthusiastic travelers. However, the trek is nothing less than other treks in terms of natural glory and mountain views. The only reason behind receiving fewer travelers in this region are the less developed infrastructure. Being an off beaten trail, we can customize the schedule for this trek as per your convenience. Ganesh Himal Trek is also available as a Tented and camping trek.

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Welcome to Nepal. A representative from Eye on Himalaya Treks and Expedition P. Ltd will welcome you at the airport and transfer to a hotel in Kathmandu. For the remaining time, you can rest at your hotel and make yourself with the new environment. Tonight at Kathmandu.


Today, as a part of your sightseeing day tour, you will be driven to different UNESCO listed heritage sites around Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath stupa, Pashupatinath temple, and Boudhanath stupa are included in today’s day tour. If you need anything for your climbing journey ahead, you can buy some last-minute items today. You can also utilize this day for trek preparation purposes. Tonight at Kathmandu.


Early in the morning, after breakfast, we prepare ourselves for a scenic drive towards the countryside Nepal for today. We jump into our ride that will drive us along the highway road to Trishuli bazar and then to Betrawati. On the way, we pass beautiful farmlands, villages and terraced slopes with majestic views of Ganesh Himal range on sight. Tonight at Betrawati.


Leaving Betrawati, we climb up slowly to Kisping. It’s a wonderful day walk along with the villages and terraced farmlands to Kisping. The village of Kipsing is inhabited by the people of the Tamang community and other ethnic groups. There is a beautiful monastery and a Hindu temple in Kisping. We pay our visit to the monastery and temple. From Kisping, we climb up via interesting villages and pass a waterfall to Balche. Balche is a beautiful Tamang village in the region dominated by the Buddhism religion. We can observe the colorful orayer flags and monasteries as we enter into the village. Tonight at Balche


After breakfast at Balche, we head towards a forested area and cross some streams on the way to Thulo chaur. Thulochaur is a beautiful flat ground amidst the dense jungles. Here, we stop for our lunch and continue our walk through the dense forests of rhododendron. In spring, one can witness the entire forests covered with colorful flowers. As we head forward, we will be blessed with some glimpses of Langtang Himal. Tonight we stop at Gonga.


We wake up with appealing views of Langtang and Tibet's range on sight. after breakfast, we continue with our journey towards Rupchet. We walk pass the dense forests of rhododendron and pine. The forests are inhabited by wildlife. If lucky, you may encounter some on your walk towards Rupchet. As you walk pass the forests, the trail steers up steep towards Rupchet. Rupchet is the base of Sing La pass. From here, one can enjoy some wonderful views of the Tibet range and the Gosaikunda range. Tonight at Rupchet.


We start our day early. We climb up to Sing La pass before sunrise to catch the mesmerizing views of sunrise from above the top of the pass. It takes around two hours for us to reach the top of the pass. From the top, we can get some wonderful views of the Ganesh Himal range, Manaslu range, Annapurna range, Langtang range, etc. We then descend down from the top of the pass down to a valley. We pass forests of rhododendron and oak to reach a meadow at Sertung Kharka. Tonight at Sertung Kharka.


Leaving Sertung Kharka, we descend down for around ten to fifteen minutes along the forests to open up into the beautiful crop fields of maize, wheat, barley, etc. then we proceed to a remote village inhabited by the people of Tamang and Gurung community. It’s a wonderful day walk around the village with astonishing views of Ganesh Himal on sight. We visit a primary school at the village and interact with people to know more about them. Tonight at Sertung village.


From Sertung village, we walk down for a few hours along an easy and pleasing trail. As we walk further, we come across the Borang village. The village is inhabited by the people of the Tamang community. We can interact with people and enjoy getting some insights on their culture and lifestyle. We can see Ganesh Himal on sight as we cross the village. From Borang, we traverse through the crop fields and lush terrain to Jharlang. Tonight at Jharlang Phedi.


Leaving Kintang Phedi, we descend down along the undulating paths enjoying the great views of Himalayan ranges. We walk pass various traditional villages inhabited by the local folks. No sooner, we come across a hot spring. If interested, we can enjoy a hot water bath in the spring. Further, we follow a trail that will lead us to Kintang Phedi. Kintang Phedi is a beautiful place where the river Netrawati and river Kintang get mixed to form a single river. Tonight at Kintang Phedi.


We leave Kintang Phedi and walk pass the rice fields and the villages on the way to Jhyamrung. We descend down gradually via a flat land and follow the Netrawati river that originates from the Ganesh Himal glacier. We traverse through the terraced farmlands and villages towards Kjhaahre bazaar. It is a popular shopping place for local people. Further, we continue with our walk until we reach Jhyamrung. Tonight at Jhyamrung.


Today, we take our time to explore the village of Jhyamrung. We can walk around the local houses in the village and observe their day to day activity. We can explore the local schools, hospitals and get some insights on the rural lifestyle of Nepal. Tonight at Jhyamrung.


Today, we wrap up our trekking journey with a short walk down to a river. We cross a bridge over the river to Sakura. From here, we catch a vehicle that will drive us back to the capital city of Kathmandu. Leaving the remote and pristine environment, we return back to the hassle and bustle of the capital city. Tonight at Kathmandu.


It’s an extra day in Kathmandu. You can spend the day on your own will. You can visit any place of interest or opt for shopping around the streets of Kathmandu. Tonight at Kathmandu.


Your prescheduled holiday in Nepal ends and it’s time to depart! You will be dropped at the airport three hours before your scheduled flight. Hope you have a great time with Eye on Himalaya Treks and Expeditions P. Ltd!


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